About Us

In the charming town of Shreveport LA, you'll find the delightful duo behind Valor + Beauty  – a mother-daughter team whose passion for fashion and flair for fun have blossomed into a thriving haven for style seekers far and wide.

Meet Vannester and Brieanna, the creative minds behind Valor + Beauty. Vannester, the matriarch with a heart of gold and an eye for timeless elegance, brings her impeccable taste. She's also the firecracker of the family whose infectious laughter and boundless creativity bring a breath of fresh air to every corner of the boutique.

While Brieanna, the spirited daughter, infuses the boutique with her knack for pairing the perfect piece with just the right accessory making her the guiding force behind the boutique's curated collection. From dreaming up dazzling displays to sprinkling a touch of whimsy into the store's ambiance, Brieanna’s playful spirit infuses Valor + Beauty with an irresistible charm.

Together, this dynamic duo has turned their dream of owning a women's boutique into a reality, offering a carefully crafted selection of clothing, accessories, and gifts that celebrate every woman's unique style and spirit. Whether you're searching for the perfect little black dress for a night on the town or a cozy sweater to snuggle up in by the fireplace, Valor + Beauty is your go-to destination for all things fabulous and fun.

Their journey began with a shared love for beautiful fabrics and a desire to create a space where every woman could feel confident and empowered. From vintage-inspired looks to modern statement pieces, Valor + Beauty  is a treasure trove of fashion finds curated with love and care.

But don't let their impeccable taste fool you – behind the scenes, hilarity ensues as Brieanna's meticulousness clashes with Vannester's spontaneous creativity. Picture this: Brieanna meticulously arranging displays while Vannester sneaks in a quirky accessory or two, much to her daughter's dismay. Yet, it's these moments of playful banter that make Valor + Beauty not just a boutique, but a home away from home for all who enter.

Together, they've weathered the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, celebrating each triumph with a glass of iced milk and a Southern Maid donut (IYKYK). Finding humor in every mishap, whether it's a customer's fashion emergency or impromptu fashion shows, Vannester and Brieanna are always there, armed with sewing kits and good laughs.

So, whether you're a fashionista on the hunt for your next statement piece or simply in need of a good laugh and a listening ear, stop by Valor + Beauty, where Vannester and Brieanna will welcome you with open arms, a sprinkle of sparkle, and a whole lot of heart. After all, life's too short not to indulge in a little retail therapy – especially when it comes with a side of mother-daughter magic!